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Online Education Portal is the most important for students, Parents, Teachers to get the local information

Free education directory list

Towards achieving our objectives, this page provides to its users the following information and services for:





and Educational Services

Education: School

School Information : Playschools Facilities
Diffeent Level,
Type of Medium etc.

Higher Education

CollegeEngineering Colleges
Law Colleges
Medical Colleges
Arts & Science Colleges



Vocational Inst

Vocational Inst.Computer training
Hobby classes
Job Training

What we learn today for tomorrow World

That’s why is providing educational information for tomorrow World, that help more students have access to maximum information through small window.

Have a look:

The challenge

The world is changing and technology is changing rapidly. All students may not get benefit equally in this platform. We may not get reliable information in right time form educational institutions, because we must be depending on their management committee. Through our Team and volunteers, we are working to minimise the gaps to give students the tip's for enhancing skills, and inspiration to feel confident in life.

Our focus

To help more students, we’re focused on increasing meaningful access to education, countrywide.

Our work

Expanding access to each Student and Teacher

The demand for online education or through computerized device are rapidly growing—but too many students don’t have the chance to learn through these. We’re trying to popularised different mechanisms related to enhance education.

Minimise global education gaps

Keeping in mind for students to get the sources of right learning materials, provide teachers information having the latest skills and techniques, and keeping the necessary facilities for learning facilities mechanisms for outside the classroom.

Collecting publishers' information for "digital content offline for students without internet".

To establish for the teachers to create a knowledge sharing community.

Free to access Best education information for anyone, anywhere.

Giving kids animated videos to learn in any time and any location.

Scaling quality instruction through export for teacher coaches.

To Promote all digital platform service providers for access to e-books.

Gamified learning to help students improve in Science and Mathematics.

Empowering students and teachers through open source video resources.